unnamed“I was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised shortly after in Miami, Florida. My Latin background is

Cuban and I was brought into this world to play music!!!”

The story behind DJ NOIZ by Monica Rosas

There are very few DJ’s who stand out in Miami. However, Andrew Rodriguez a.k.a. DJ Noiz who has

experience behind the decks since 1985 and spinning in and about the Miami club scene since 1989 is

without a doubt one of them.

DJ Noiz is something of an anomaly in the music industry. As a DJ and a skilled Percussionist he is a

humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. A steadfast

work ethic, an obsessively extensive Vinyl, CD and Digital Library with the willingness to pursue the full

extents of his roots (70’s, 80’s, Urban, Rock & Latin) and the future (Electronic/Dance) music with no


“I don’t just play songs, I make them sing!” This is a philosophy which has been the backbone of his

illustrious career.

From his early days playing at parties and local radio stations to his infamous 10-hour sets at many clubs,

one thing remains the same-a complete love of music. It’s this passion that has helped him accomplish

his goals and it is no coincidence that faithful enthusiasts have followed him throughout the years.

He recalls the day his life changed. “I remember I was mesmerized, it happened two weeks before

celebrating my 14th birthday. I went to a party and saw a DJ spinning and that was my defining

moment… I decided I wanted to play music for the rest of my life.”

It has been said that music is at its best when it’s created from raw intense emotion. DJ Noiz has a

unique, eclectic sound, which some have described as “deep and sexy” and it’s this sound that has

shaken up the floors at many of his “playgrounds” throughout the city.

Since landing his first club gig back in 1989, he hasn’t looked back. Along the way, he has built up an

impressive resume that includes residencies and guest spots at some of Miami’s most coveted “hot

spots” as well as several guest radio mix shows around the country.

Many close to him say that his style has always been synonymous with “killer” mixes; they have even

labeled him a “true mixologist.” His Miami roots have influenced his style but his sound can be defined

as innovative and flat out energetic insanity. “If you are going to ‘mix’ music, you have to know music.”

DJ Noiz’ infectious personality and individual style is what puts him a cut above the rest. You can really

sense his connection with the crowd whenever he plays and he has fully earned the label… “The

clubber’s DJ.”